Dear friends,
We will offer you the goods from the Czech Republic and other countries in the quality

of Lutel, which will be strictly observed.

At the beginning of the 2011 we ended cooperation with previous suplier of weapons for this e-shop. Disagreements led to defamation and slander from their side. I will not comment it. I believe that our customers will make decision.

Currently we have real blacksmiths. WWW.LUTEL.EU is able to provide forged weapons, damascene blades and we are able to create exact replicas of weapons.

As soon as possible we will provide pictures of weapons for sale on stock.

Change is in the fact that everything will be manufactured in accordance with actual historical techniques, thus forging. We will focus on the production of sabres, cutlasses, rapiers, etc.
We are able to made anything.Just you have to sent to us your picture.

More fotos on Lutel Facebook pages:

We will be glad if you write to us what you want to have here and what we should provide to our customers.

Our weapons are made according to the designs, shapes and decoration of the original period pieces. To do this we are consulting a wide range of specialised literature. Nowadays we send our products nearly all over the world.

Our weapons are hand-made by traditional technologies, in fact, every weapon is an original. Our blades are made from high quality steel, they are hardened and tempered for durability in order to be used in sword fetching. Each blade is stamped with its manufacture number. One year guarantee is given and we can provide a full after sale service. Every piece is made to order. You can choose a weapon from our web pages or according to your design and wishes.

In our eshop is not necessary to register in advance. Ordering is quick, very easy and not limited to the minimum donation. For shopping simply and easily select products of interest to you, insert it into the basket and fill the order form.

Thank you for your visit and interest, and we hope that you will be with our goods and our services is satisfied.